Sea Turtle Rescue

Mcstr Logo Final WhiteThe Mid-Coast Sea Turtle Rescue was initiated in response to the winter storm in February 2021 when over 550 sea turtles where found dead due to cold stunning and lack of a search and rescue effort in the San Antonio Bay region. Developed through a collaboration between Texas Master Naturalists and Texas Parks and Wildlife in Port O'Connor, the program was adopted by San Antonio Bay Partnership in December, 2022. The program has over 60 volunteers providing search and rescue efforts via private boats, and ground transportation of the turtles to the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK). The Mid-Coast Sea Turtle Rescue responds to cold stunning events and reports of stranded turtles through the 866-Turtle5 Hotline (866-887-8535, option 3)

Cold stunning events occur when the water temperature drops to 46.4 F for 24 hours or more. Turtles become stunned and can not move. They can drown, get hit by boats and become stranded on shorelines. So, we rescue them! Because sea turtles are a protected species, anyone handling or transporting sea turtles must be trained and added to the federal permit Each Year. If you helped last year, you will need to take the training again. If you are new, let us know how you'd like to help. We need boats, boat crew and ground transporters. Contact Brigid Berger, Coordinator at

Mandatory Training occurs every October via webinar by the Texas State Coordinator for the Sea Turtle Stranded and Salvage Network

Additionally, all Mid-Coast Sea Turtle Rescue program volunteers are asked to attend the MCSTR Annual Meeting held in November.

At the annual meeting volunteers will be trained on the processes specific to our Mid-Coast bays.

For more information and to get on the mailing list for next year, contact 

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