Needs Assessment

As the “Water for Wildlife” initiative advances, it is important that funding resources are utilized wisely and water wells are rehabilitated/installed strategically in areas with the greatest benefit for Whooping Cranes and other wildlife.  The San Antonio Bay Partnership is collaborating with the International Crane Foundation to implement a project that will assist resource managers and conservation groups with identifying the highest priority areas for water well rehabilitation and installation throughout the Whooping Crane wintering range by accomplishing the following objectives: (1) develop an inventory of existing water well locations within the entire Whooping Crane wintering range, (2) identify the most suitable areas for water well rehabilitation and/or installation, (3) use the information gathered in Objectives 1 and 2 to prioritize locations for future rehabilitation and/or installation of water wells, and (4) based on the suitability and prioritization results, either install one new water well or rehabilitate two existing wells that are in need of repair.