The San Antonio Bay Partnership collaborates on a regular basis with other conservation groups to advance initiatives within the San Antonio Bay area that are being led by partners.  Here are just a few examples:

Coastal Bend Paddlers – Partnership Agreement

SABP and CBPC have joined forces to promote paddling and paddling infrastructure in the area, agreeing to work together as below:

  1. SABP will continue to sponsor its “Explore the Bay & More” paddling series for both SABP and CBPC paddlers.
  2. CBPC will become an SABP sponsor.
  3. SABP will continue to support paddling related causes or infrastructure, e.g.
    • Support maintenance of existing paddling trails in the region,
    • Expansion of marked paddling trails,
    • Staff support and overhead for paddling related activities.
  4. SABP and CBPC will explore opportunities to:
    • Continue to expand marked paddling trails and infrastructure in the area,
    • Establish a signature paddling event (s) that showcases the River / Estuary and potentially raises monies in support of mutual causes,
    • Establish youth paddling programs that promote paddling skills and awareness of the regional ecosystem.

If you want to more involved in the local paddling scene and meet like- minded folks, consider joining the CBPC. For more information on the CBPC, contact Charlie Kouba at

Development of a Rookery Island in San Antonio Bay

The San Antonio Bay Partnership is working with other conservation partners, including The Nature Conservancy, Audubon Texas, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program, the San Antonio Bay Foundation, and the Texas General Land Office, to plan for the development of a new rookery island in San Antonio Bay for the benefit of colonial nesting waterbirds.  The goal of this planning process is to identify suitable sites within the San Antonio Bay system for rookery island restoration and creation; to develop the technical, environmental, and engineering information to support the design and permitting of the project; and to prepare construction plans ready for funding.

Restoration of Sundown Island

Audubon Texas has formed a project advisory team, which includes representatives from the San Antonio Bay Partnership, to provide feedback on protection and restoration alternatives for Sundown Island.  Sundown Island is serves as an important rookery island for colonial nesting waterbirds but requires protection from wave erosion.

Texas Colonial Nesting Waterbird Society Meeting

The San Antonio Bay Partnership provided logistical support for the Texas Colonial Nesting Waterbird Society Meeting, which was held in Victoria, Texas in November 2012.

Whooping Crane Signage

The San Antonio Bay Partnership worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on a project to install signs that educate hunters about Whooping Cranes. The goal is to reduce future mortality of Cranes due to hunting accidents.

For information about past, present or future collaborations contact James Dodson (361-649-1518;