Moonlight Paddle Sept 2016

We tried to watch the big ol’ Harvest Moon rise above the waters of Matagorda Bay as we paddled out to meet it but the clouds had a different plan for us on Friday, September 16, 2016. Paddling out of Boggy Bayou Nature Center in Port O’Connor we were in for a treat of a different kind. The setting sun painted the wispy clouds into a panacea of color. The pictures below do not do it justice! I have never before seen ALL the colors of the rainbow in the sunset but believe me, they were all there this night: blues, yellows, pinks, oranges, reds and even green! Those lucky enough to join us were stunned by the beauty of the sky and its reflection on the water.  Many of us were so taken back by the beauty that we just sat and stared, with our eyes wide open and our mouths agape uttering exclamations.  Eventually the moon peered out from behind the blanket of clouds. After paddling back to the launch we enjoyed the moon lit evening listening to the awesome music of Jack Motley and bonus surprise… Hamp Brockman and Janet Drew!!!   All three are awesome singer/song writers! We only wish that those paddlers who had to get on the road to go home could have stayed longer to enjoy this delightful evening of moon and music.

 What is the Harvest Moon? The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. For several evenings surrounding the equinox the moonrise occurs nearly at sunset. Before artificial lighting, this gave farmers extra time to cut and move ripened crops.  NASA explains the Harvest Moon in this 2013 videop1090811 p1090825 p1090826

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