Moonlight Paddle 2018-11

It was a beautiful evening for the Moonlight Paddle at Boggy Nature Center in Port O’Connor. On this day after Thanksgiving, the waters were calm, breeze gentle and mosquitoes absent! As we paddled west up Boggy Creek to watch the setting sun,ther Clapper Rails laughed from the marsh grass, Sandhill Cranes cooed as they flew overhead and a pack of coyotes howled from the thicket oaks on Powderhorn Ranch. The sun blazed it’s glory as it retreated and its reflection simmered in the rippling wake of our kayaks. We turned back and paddled across Boggy Lake and around the point into Matagorda Bay to waited for the full moon to rise. Despite or perhaps because of the scattered wispy clouds, the moon rose in with the deep red of burning a camp fire. Sitting in a kayak on the water in the middle of the dark bay watching this nature show is truly surreal. Captivating and enthralling. As the moon rose the color shifted from red to orange to yellow to white as it played hide-and-seek between the clouds.

Returning to the shore, we got out the snacks and folding chairs to enjoy the quiet evening when, like an angel appeared before us, none other than Jack Motley! Our singer-song writer friend. He graced us with song to make it a perfect evening. Many thanks to all who came out and enjoyed this very special evening with us.  Watch to the end of the video to catch a bit of Jack’s serenade.

WATCH the VIDEO of this remarkable evening and be certain to watch to the end to hear Jack. You’ll get to spend ~20 seconds with us as we are gently swayed by the water as the moon rises over Matagorda Bay.

BIG Thank You to Mark Oberle, Coastal Bend Paddle for paddling with us and sharing these beautiful photographs!