Public Access

The rivers, wetlands, beaches, and bays of the San Antonio Bay System offer residents and visitors with opportunities to participate in a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, swimming, wildlife viewing, picnicking, camping, boating, and kayaking.  Ensuring public access to the rivers, wetlands, beaches, and bays is critically important to maintaining the ecotourism economies of the San Antonio Bay System coastal communities.  However, the need to provide public access must be balanced with the need to conserve and protect coastal habitats and resources.  As coastal communities in the SABS grow and tourism continues to increases, the pressure to provide public access is becoming a critical issue.  Therefore, current and future conservation planning efforts must consider public access issues in order to develop management strategies that benefit the SABS.  The overall goal of this component of the project was to:  (1) provide an inventory of existing public access opportunities in the SABS and (2) generate a list of projects that would enhance or expand existing public access opportunities.  A total of 24 existing public access sites and 27 potential public access enhancement projects are included in this plan, and all were mapped and made accessible to stakeholders via the open access Google Earth Program, and can be downloaded. Contact