Habitat Conservation

The overall goal of this component of the planning process was to create a wetland inventory list from sites within the San Antonio Bay System recommended by local stakeholders and agencies as areas in need of “intervention” due to existing or threatened impairment of wetland quality and function.  A total of 67 sites are included in this component of the Plan, and the Plan is organized with one page per site.  Information is organized into a portfolio by landform with a Google Earth image, field photo, coordinates, site number and name, habitat type based on National Wetland Inventory (NWI), and database information (phase, location, conservation strategy, potential partners, target species, and key terms).  Furthermore, site descriptions were limited to a standardized format to provide a searchable database.  However, more detailed descriptions are provided in the Google Earth file, which can be downloaded.

Provide Input

Have another conservation site or public access project that should be included in the Plan?  Contact AllanRBerger@comcast.net